Descubribilidad (2010-2013)

Descubribilidad (2010-2013)

Calidad y descubribilidad, dos apuestas seguras en la industria editorial
Lectura Lab 11 de diciembre de 2013

15 More Ways to Champion Your Friend’s Book
Indiereader Jan Yager 16 September 2013

Smashwords Releases Book Discovery Tool
AppNewser Dianna Dilworth 12 September 2013

Bookstore Marketing Promotions Spread Across Europe
Publishing Perspectives Siobhan O’Leary 11 September 2013

Facebook Marketing Tactics for Book and Media Businesses
Publishing Perspectives Eric Taylor 11 September 2013

Opening a closed book
FutureBook Nick Sidwell 9 September 2013

How To Increase the Discoverability of Your Self-Published Books: Choose The Right KDP Categories
The Passive Voice 9 September 2013 From The ALLi Self-Publishing Advice Blog

Kindle MatchBook permitirá comprar más barato el ebook de un libro impreso adquirido antes en Amazon
Lectura Lab

15 Ways to (Help) Promote Your Friend’s Book
Indiereader Jan Yager 16 September 2013
Yes, congratulating the author on Facebook or in an e-mail is a nice thing to do, but you should think BIGGER.
Indiereader Jan Yager 9 September 2013

13 Book Marketing Techniques That Engage Readers
Digital Book World Beth Bacon 3 September 2013

BookShout! Pivots to Launch Direct Sales Platform for Ebooks
Digital Book World Jason Illian 28 August 2013

Shatzkin: El marketing reemplazará la función de las editoriales
Lectura Lab

How To Increase the Discoverability of Your Self-Published Books: Choose The Right KDP Categories
ALLI Selfpublishing Advice Blog Eliza Green

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The 3 Pillars Of Selling More Books
Digital Book World Beth Bacon 28 August 2013

Choosing The Right Distributor: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital
Let’s Get Visible Blog by David Gaughran 27 August 2013

Testing Libboo – an author’s view
FutureBook Russwrites 5 August 2013

Five Reasons Social Media Will Always Sell More Books…
Digital Book World Peter McCarthy 31 July 2013

5 Book Marketing Myths You Need To Forget – Guest Post by Joanna Penn
Let’s Get Visible Blog by David Gaughran 8 July 2013

L’outil de feuilletage Flipbook de Cantook à votre service sur Pinterest
Propulsion DeMarque Bianca Drapeau 6 juin 2013

Advocates, Authenticity, and Content are Key to Reaching Readers
Publishing Perspectives Rachel Aydt 28 May 2013

Publishers should embrace entrepreneurial authors
FutureBook Suw 22 May 2013

Las comunidades de lectores online un fenómeno en vías de expansión
Lectura Lab 17 de mayo de 2013

Eric Hellman: ¿Son necesarias más iniciativas en descubribilidad?
Lectura Lab

Book Publicity: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t
Digital Book World Mary Cummings 14 May 2013

David Gaughran on traditional media exposure for self-publishers
TeleRead Paul St John Mackintosh 13 May 2013

Territorio Tweet (Parte V): Youtube, herramienta de viralización
Lectura Lab

Territorio Tweet (Parte IV): Los blogs y Tumblr
Lectura Lab

Territorio Tweet (Parte III): Twitter, la mejor herramienta para realizar promociones entre los jóvenes
Lectura Lab

Territorio Tweet (Parte II): ¿Tienen que utilizar Facebook los editores para llegar a su público adolescente?
Lectura Lab

Teenage Tweetland
YA authors and publishers reach out to young readers where they live: online and on their smartphones
Publishers Weekly Karen Springen 11 May 2013

HarperCollins lanza eInsider, un programa para promoción de ebooks, de un solo uso
Lectura Lab

Indie Authors Help Each Other with Book Promotion
Goodereader Mercy Pilkington 7 May 2013

Webcast: Finding Books Without Borders: Discoverability in a Digital and Social World
Digital Book World Erin Semple 19 April 2013

Growing the finite life of the bookselling pie
How to boost peer-to-peer recommendation among casual readers who don’t own a Kindle and don’t regularly trawl bookshops but who probably own a smartphone? David Roche believes he has the answer.
BookBrunch David Roche 14 March 2013

Cómo descubrir los libros, según José Antonio Millán
Lectura Lab 12 de marzo de 2013

Lulu Adds Marketing Tools to Self-Publishing Platform
AppNewser Dianna Dilworth 7 March 2013

Descubrir los libros
Blog Libros y bitos José Antonio Millán 04 marzo 2013

Martyn Daniels: la descubribilidad es una burbuja a punto de explotar
Lectura Lab 28 de febrero de 2013

Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition
Let’s Get Visible Blog David Gaughran 22 February 2013

The great sci-fi hunt: help us find the best independently published books
The search is on for the best sci-fi, fantasy, horror – or just plain weird – books that might otherwise go unseen and unloved
The Guardian Damien Walter’s Weird Things 22 February 2013

Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition
Let’s Get Visible David Gaughran 22 February 2013

Create Custom Cards to Promote Your eBook in the Real World
AppNewser Dianna Dilworth 11 February 2013

We’re all talk when it comes to buying books online
While we love to discuss books on the internet, it has precious little impact on sales
The Observer James Bridle 3 February 2013

Y después de publicar, ¿qué?
Lecturalia blog Alfredo Álamo 2 de febrero de 2013

Cinco errores evitables en la promoción de un ebook
El País Blogs tecnología Fernando García 01 de febrero de 2013

Is Online Book Discovery Broken? Here’s How to Fix It
Publishing Perspectives Dennis Abrams January 18, 2013

La multiplicación de formas de lectura
El País Cultura  03 de octubre de 2012

Book Discovery Starts with Psychology, Not Technology
Publishing Perspectives Alex Mutter 27 September 2012

Los mandamientos para el marketing editorial
Comunicación cultural 27 de septiembre de 2012

¿Cómo descubren los lectores los libros?
Actualidad Editorial Arantxa Mellado 22 de febrero de 2012

Cracking Google and Why Ignoring SEO and Metadata is a Mistake
Publishing Perspectives 4 October 2011

Why Metadata is the Key to Your Digital Future
Publishing Perspectives Edward Nawotka 29 July 2011

Las redes sociales como plataformas de venta de ebooks
Comunicación cultural 10 de marzo de 2011

Building an Author Platform from Scratch
Publishing Perspectives Isobella Jade 15 November 2010

¿Son rentables las presentaciones de libros?
Comunicación cultural 14 de julio de 2010

Págame con un tweet
Actualidad Editorial Arantxa Mellado 29 de junio de 2010

Ten Tips to Be Awesome Online (and Other Lessons from O’Reilly’s Web 2.0)
Publishing Perspectives Hannah Johnson 10 May 2010

Crece el interés por las redes sociales de lectores
Comunicación cultural 5 de mayo de 2010


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