Mirando atrás (2013)

Mirando atrás (2013)

The creators of publishing
Futurebook Brett Sandusky 25 November 2013

Un livre 2.0 : De la librairie papier à internet et la lecture numérique
Petit suivi de l’évolution
ActuaLitté Nicolas Gary 17 octobre 2013 (vídeo)

From earliest known books to digital publishing [infographic]
EbookFriendly Friendly Staff 3 October 2013

From tablet to tablet – a short history of reading [infographic]
EbookFriendly Friendly Staff 1 September 2013

10 lively pictures of Michael Hart, the inventor of ebooks
EbookFriendly Piotr Kowalczyk 4 July 2013

Sumerian and Chinese civilizations – the inventors of writing
EbookFriendly Friendly Staff 24 June 2013

DC Unveils DC2 Initiatives to Enhance Digital Comics
Digital Book World 4 June 2013

Ode to the typewriter harks back to the days of slow
TeleRead Paul St John Mackintosh 4 June 2013

The evolution of publishing from 15th century to today [infographic]
Ebook Friendly 2 May 2013

La història de la tipografia en un curt animat
Beat 1 de maig 2013


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